In Conversation with Margaret Atwood, Atticus, Tenille Campbell, Sabrina Benaim, and Lara Marjerrison

Published on:
April 6, 2021

MARGARET ATWOOD, whose writings transcend more than 45 different countries, is the author of many books such as The Handmaid's Tale which soon became an award-winning TV series. Other well-known novels are those including The Testaments - winning Booker Prize in 2019 - and best sellers like Alias Grace, The Blind Assassin, A MaddAddam Trilogy, and many more! This ambitious Canadian writer has received prestigious recognition during her lengthy career such as winning the Nobel Peace Prize of German Book Trade along with many others including receiving the PEN USA Lifetime Achievement Award and also being given this year's Los Angeles Times Innovator’s Award.

ATTICUS is a poet who knows how to tell stories, is constantly on the hunt to inspire and be inspired, and loves a good bottle of wine. He has published three best selling novels: "Love Her Wild", "The Dark Between Stars", and "The Truth About Magic". When he's not touring the globe to meet and read for fans, he loves spending time near the Pacific Ocean, walking through deserts, and exploring new worlds through literature.

TENILLE K. CAMPBELL is a Dene/Métis woman whose passion goes beyond words as she strives to connect people and cultures around the world through her work. Telling stories in all genres, Campbell has written numerous pieces such as poetry, essays, and novels across many languages; yet she finds herself drawn back to photography for what it can tell you about how powerful this storyteller is when it comes to conveying life experiences from other perspectives with natural light. And if you're seeking out someone who knows how to capture Canadian Indigenous culture in its most authentic form? You've come to the right place! Campbell's recent accolades include being shortlisted for the prestigious Indigenous Voices Award while being honored by organizations such as Memorial University of Newfoundland and Nunatsiavut Government of Labrador with honorary doctorate degrees-- but there are so many more reasons why this artist continues to push boundaries.

SABRINA BENAIM is a writer, performer and teacher from Toronto. In 2014 she wrote the poem that helped win the Canadian Poetry Slam Championship and then went onto represent Canada at Women of the World Poetry Slam Competition in London where she earned first place in her category. Additionally, Sabrina writes poetry for such outlets as ESPNW, The Government of Canada and Sport Chek.

LARA MARGARET MARJERRISON is a freedom fighter on a quest to liberate the voiceless, beaten down, and bound using the sacred power of stories. She teaches everyone how to use storytelling as an infinite source for creativity and change through lectures, workshops and poetry across North America.