Andrews McMeel Publishing Signs Two-Book Deal with New York Times Bestselling Author Atticus

Published on:
July 27, 2021

Kansas City, MO (July 27, 2021) – Andrews McMeel Publishing (AMP) is pleased to announce a two book publishing deal with three-time New York Times bestselling author, Atticus. The first poetry  collection, Love and Poetry, will be released in fall of 2022. AMP holds world rights (excluding the UK)  for both editions.

“We are thrilled to publish the ‘world’s bestselling anonymous poet,’” said AMP publisher and president  Kirsty Melville. “For millions of readers, Atticus has been an inspiration, and his words an avenue for  growth and healing. We could not be more pleased with the opportunity to share his work with the world,  which will delight established fans as well as those we hope to foster discovery and enjoyment of his  poetry.”  

“I’ve been a huge admirer of Andrews McMeel since I began writing poetry” said Atticus. “They are a true  leader in the space and I'm very excited to be finally working together!”

“I couldn't be more thrilled that Atticus will be continuing his publishing journey with Headline in the  UK,” said Richard Roper, senior commissioning editor at Headline. “He gets better with every book,  continues to find new fans everywhere, and we can't wait to get his brilliant new collection into their  hands.”

As an internationally bestselling author (his work has been translated into 14 languages) with an avid and  engaged social following of more than 3 million, Atticus is a formidable presence in the flourishing poetry  category, in which AMP holds a leading position. Exploring a variety of themes in three previous  collections, Love Her Wild, The Dark Between the Stars, and The Truth About Magic, Love and Poetry illuminates a reflection inward. In it, Atticus embarks on a journey to find peace, love, and acceptance exploring new worlds of self-love, meditation, meaning, loss, and romance through poetry. A thoughtful  advocate and ambassador for mental health, his masked persona strives to spread art without personal fame.  

With more than two hundred poems, Love and Poetry promises to awe readers as a new revelation, finding  a home in their hearts through Atticus’ signature lyrical, poignant, and evocative style.