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Thank you for reading my madness, I never expected so many to read, it is just madness afterall, but that’s alright, we are all a little mad, and I’ve always liked the mad ones - for we are the ones who talk in riddles and smile while we do, for we know the world makes more sense to us that way -  so, if you are reading this, somewhere in the world, smiling, I do hope that one day we might meet, and if we do, lets decide, that no matter where we are in the world, we will find a place to light a fire, on a beach, or somewhere in the woods where you can still see the stars - and we will grab cheap drinks, the cheaper the better, and we will play old tunes, and laugh about the world - and as the sun comes up we will run as the moon calls us back, their children, their mad children coming
home - lets agree to that, and I will hope to see you soon.