Facts about Cotton Masks and Donations

Hey friends,

I hope everyone is safe and sound. I wanted to send some more info on the masks because some have asked.

FAQs and notes:

  1. We hold 0 inventory of masks, either health masks or cotton masks. We have none, zero. For every cotton mask ordered, we donate funds directly through DonatePPE.org, a doctor run 501(c)(3) who uses funds to purchase much-needed equipment to health care professionals. For every mask ordered, we buy a cotton mask from a supplier on demand. We hold no inventory, and everything is on-demand.

  2. The idea to sell masks came from my girlfriend, who is a cardiac nurse on the front line of the COVID crisis. We worked together on this concept from conception to design, as a way to encourage more people to wear masks and to raise money for her unit and other units in the Los Angeles area. I'm happy to say, though her effort and the fan base efforts, we have now donated over 725 medical masks (and counting) through Donate PPE.

  3. We are one of the thousands of companies selling cotton masks. This is part of a huge effort among retailers to sell masks, encourage more people to wear them, and reduce the stigma in order to help reduce the spread of COVID. You can buy from us but for anyone looking for other places to buy there are lots of other options. Below are some suggestions. Today.com put out a great article with companies selling masks and where to buy. Etsy is another great place to look. There are now 57,000+ new results for stores selling cotton masks, and this number is growing exponentially.

Here is a list of some other places to buy cotton masks if you prefer:

As mentioned, if any customers would like to donate directly to charities, their donations are most welcome. Here is the link again: DonatePPE.org.

There was some discrepancy about the margins for these masks. If it's helpful: the cost of each mask after printing and shipping, etc to us $3.50 - $4.50 and is based on volume. There is a $.50 incoming product warehousing fee per item, $2.00 / item outgoing warehouse handling fee, $1.8 (15% of full label price going to the merchandising agency. Add to that: graphics team, social team, warehouse workers, marketing team, ad buyers, editors, videographers and photographers. Despite these being trying times, we are doing what we can to keep people employed and contracted. As you can imagine, there are not a lot of book stores operating right now.

I know there is a lot of fear going around. We understand people are scared. This issue is a close one. My mother, father, and partner are nurses and doctors currently on the frontlines fighting COVID. My girlfriend changes out of scrubs in the parking lot because she is scared to expose our home and family. This mask initiative was her idea, and it has to-date donated over 725 masks into hospitals in the LA area.

Thank you and stay safe!

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