Atticus is the anonymous New York Times Bestselling author of Love Her Wild, The Dark Between Stars, and The Truth About Magic. Dubbed “The #1 Person to Follow” by Teen Vogue, and “The World’s Most Tattoo-able Poet” by Galore Magazine, he has been followed, quoted, and retweeted by some of the world’s top superstars, from Karlie Kloss to Shawn Mendes, Emma Roberts, and Alicia Keys. Atticus's words have also been tattooed by tens of thousands of his avid followers.

He has been featured in Time Magazine, Elle, The Guardian, Fast Company, Publisher’s Weekly, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Atticus has worked and collaborated with incredible and talented brands and companies including Kygo, Maroon 5, Coach, Absolute Vodka, Stance Socks, Target, Urban Outfitters, and Whole Foods. In 2019, Atticus launched his own wine brand called Lost Poet which has become the highest-rated red wine on

5 Instagram Accounts Every Guy Should Follow To Improve Their Sense Of Humour & Impress Girls

MENSXP – If someone tells you that it's impossible to understand women, ask them to read the works of Atticus. “She knew she was really sad when she stopped loving the things she loved,” says a line from one of his poems.
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Meet Atticus, the most famous Canadian poet you’ve never heard of

THE GLOBE AND MAIL – Atticus has kept his identity under wraps, even as his poet persona has exploded, with 387,000 Instagram followers – including celebrities such as actor Emma Roberts and supermodel Karlie Kloss.
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Life with Atticus: Instagram's most famous poet gets deeply personal and answers your questions

CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORP – Who is Atticus? No one knows. But you've definitely seen the work of this anonymous poet before. Whether they're attracting thousands of likes on Instagram, or etched in neat cursive on the bodies of his dedicated readers, his poems are easily recognizable.
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Instagram Poet Atticus On His Inspiration and Upcoming Book

TEEN VOGUE – The guy behind your favorite Instagram poems explains why he's anonymous.
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Instagram poets society: selfie age gives new life and following into poetry

THE GUARDIAN UK – Skepticism is expected, but these social media astute authors are causing a phenomenon and tapping into internet’s appetite for minimal language.
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